Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do wishes come true?

Another question from 6-year-old IC, do wishes come true? And how would you make sure that they would come true?

Dear IC,

Yes, wishes do come true!

As you told me, and to which I agreed, there are many ways to make your wishes come true: by prayers, by being well-behaved, by following rules, by working for it, and by simply being you!

Sometimes, your wish might come but might not look and feel exactly what you wanted; but that is because different people have different ideas. That is why your wish could be a little different.

Sometimes, your wish might be delayed and that is because; it is not easy to do. Nor would it be simple to prepare. You might also need to wait because it is being created with extra special things.

Sometimes, your wish might not come true. That is because, it might not be good for you. It could be best to be given to other people because they needed it most.

But most of the time, your wishes would come true. That is because, you earned it and your worked hard for it and most especially, because you made it real because you loved who you are and what you are doing!

Most of all, wishes do come true because people who love you would help you make them come true!

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