Sunday, July 4, 2010

We've got a dog!

Welcome, Candy!

Candy, that's the name of our gold-yellow two months old mixed breed Labrador/Japanese spitch.

Why did we agree to finally buy a dog?

Well, after two break-in attempts in our house, I guess, we really have to do something, right?

The best bodyguard would still be a dog!

IC wouldnt want to know anything about buying a dog. She simply refuses to even talk about it.

MC is very enthusiastic; and in fact, has agreed to take care of the dog. From waking up early for a walk; until before bedtime activities. She has proved, with the birds, that she could already take a responsibility seriously; so we agreed.

But... IC should also agree.

We drove to the pet store. IC wont go; and when she did, was very reluctant. In fact, arriving at the pet store; she decided, nothing looks good. So she point blank refused to even look around. Actually, I had to carry her because she's so afraid of the different pets around her.

Meanwhile, MC cant contain her excitement. She found one; and she wont let go.

Trying to get IC to be a part of the decision-making was hard. Until we talked about the name of the dog.

Anyway, because we wanted to feel secure at home; we got Candy.

And because we got Candy, IC, who used to hate dogs; seems to be changing her mind. She has started petting Candy.

As for MC, she's taken her responsibility to heart. Waking up at 6 am, because she heard the dog barking and as she said 'it might be hungry!'.

I am glad to have Candy. For our security and for the kids to learn to be more responsible.

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