Friday, July 30, 2010

Injury and Escapism

What happened was this...

They were biking. MC on her own. IC was hanging on to her babysitter's back.

Then it happened. IC's right foot got stuck, in the tire.

They all panicked. IC was crying for dear life; while MC and their two babysitters were screaming for help.

Then this version: according to their babysitters, MC stopped them from calling for me because if we know of what happened, I would be angry.

So when MC called for me, I already saw our driver (the father of the babysitters); running back to the house in panic. That made me move faster.

I saw IC lying on the street, sorrounded by onlookers of mixed adults and kids.

Oh my baby's in agony. There seemed to be no way out but to cut the spacers in the tire.

A neighbor brought an industrial scissor and my husband cut the spacers.

In a second, IC's foot was freed. I had to carry her, at the same time, praying that there's no damage on her ankle. There's cold compress, TLC and sweets afterwards. And loads of TV watching.

Those were our homemade remedies. After a few hours, she was walking normally again. Great!

As for MC, I told her that no matter what, tell us. Especially if it's an emergency. We would be angrier if we didn't know and they are hurt.

Best to tell the truth!

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