Thursday, July 15, 2010

Watching the eye of the storm

Storm warning signal number 1 in Metro Manila, Philippines.

The weatherman said the first typhoon (the Philippines would be hit by an average of 20 typhoons within a year); would be just passing through the border of Manila where we live.

School has been canceled for the next day. We took some of our things in the garden to a more secured place.

Then we got ready for bed. Then at around 11 pm, our puppy started making noise; followed by our birds. A few minutes after that, the wind!

I really thought there's a tornado passing by! My husband and I decided to bring the animals inside.

MC woke up and I told her if she is not sleepy, we could watch the eye of the storm. She forgot about bed and started running around the house. Checking the dog, the birds -- but the most exciting thing for her is to watch the swaying of the trees outside, to hear the howling of the wind, to guess what kind of items kept falling and clattering outside; to check out again and again our windows and doors; and to just feel the storm passing by.

In fact, instead of keeping all windows closed; we left one side open so we could feel the wind and the rain! Of course, I told her not to put her face directly on the window to avoid being hit. We tried to wake IC up, but she's deep asleep. I am sure she wouldnt want to miss this, too. (In the morning, when she learned about it, IC was disappointed!)

And then, a few minutes of watching the storm; the power outage! Brown-out! Instead of being frightened, it added excitement. She knew where to find the flashlights, even! I didnt know I have a girl scout in our midst :D

MC and I stayed up in silence, cuddling while watching the storm raging outside. It was a different bonding experience, watching the eye of the storm.

Somethings to remember though:
1. Never go out in the dark until the storm has calmed down
2. Make sure all the windows and doors are closed
3. Remove all delicate things along the window sills; and start checking what should be stored inside before the storm
4. Make sure your mobile phones have enough power; if not, then turn it off until needed
5. Store enough water
6. Keep flashlights, candles and matches within reach
7. Avoid walking around in the dark and watch out for those wet patches that could get slippery, especially around windows that was left open
8. Keep calm

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