Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mama, Please stay the way you are

'Mama, you celebrated your birthday a few weeks ago, does that mean you are getting older?,' asked IC.

And she pleaded, 'but I wanted you to stay the way you are!'

Dear IC,

You know what, age doesnt matter.

That is just to keep track of the years; of the numbers.

But when it comes to me being a mama to you; I am not getting older.

I am just gaining years of experience. I am just adding more knowledge on how to be a mama.

I would stay the way I am; but I need to grow; as you grow, too.

But this is absolutely true: I would stay the way I am, true to being a mama to you and your sister.

And I would accept it, too; when there is a need to change. Just because both of you have changed, too.

We have to move on, you would know that, in the future!

For now, let me love you the way you want to be loved! And more.

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