Friday, December 6, 2013

Today is St.Nicholas Day

A popular German tradition, it was in 2007 that the girls got a bit curious when it comes to St.Nicholas.

St.Nicholas Day
Usually, we asked their uncle to wear the Santa costume. It used to be a December highlight for the whole family when we would gather for dinner. But before supper, a special someone would ring the bell, and lo and behold: St. Nicholas in a Santa costume would come bearing gifts.

Then one time, we celebrated St. Nicholas, the girls asked why their uncle was not in the house. Is he not invited, they asked? We all said he would come a little late. And then their cousins (the daughters of their uncle), started giggling. That was when the St. Nicholas rang the bell, more giggles came because the girls noticed that the St. Nicholas was wearing the same boots that their uncle used to wear! Gasp!

Everything went well that year. The girls forgot about their questions on the identity of St. Nicholas when they saw the gifts. The year after that incident, we asked an officemate of my husband to be the one in costume, bearing gifts :-) Whew!

That is why, the girls still believe in St. Nicholas. That is why they have started writing their list last October. That is why they left a boot outside last night. That is why they also left a thank you letter near their boot. That is why they cannot sleep last night and I had to wait until 11 p.m. so I could bring out their gifts. (That is why I am still sleepy :-D)

The only thing we skipped (which used to be a part of the tradition) was the letter from St.Nicholas for the girls. To let them know if they were good or bad, that theme, you know.

Anyway, today is St.Nicholas Day. The girls got their gifts. The dog, too!

The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born during the third century in the village of Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

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