Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Rainy Christmas Day 2013

Oh no, my first rainy Christmas day! But the dog had to go out and that means I have to go with him.

Despite the rain, it was warm so I enjoyed the short stroll in the woods. It smelled so fresh and the stillness after the chaos of last night was a welcome change, too.

My husband took care of our breakfast this morning, too. It is actually a brunch as it was already 12 noon when we sat down.

After breakfast, my husband didn't leave the kitchen as he had to prepare our dinner tonight. The main dish being a wild boar, we got it from our friendly neighbor hunter. The wild boar would take more than three hours in the oven (after being marinated with butter milk overnight).

No chance to go out, as the rain didn't stop. The girls refused to even think of places to visit today, and I refused to walk in the woods. Instead, we cuddled in front of the television and watched Eight Below, a film featuring Paul Walker that focused on eight Husky dogs left for months alone in a research base in Antartica after a snow storm.

Actually, this is the first time that the whole family really sat down together to watch the whole film. That would say how the movie got our attention the whole time. Okay, I cried a bit while watching the movie and I guess I am not the only one :-) Anyway, it has a happy ending so out hearts were warmed, too.

Christmas dinner consisted of:

Roasted wild boar on the table

Roasted wild boar with homemade sp├Ątzele and red cabbage; with pear and cranberry sauce on the side.

Dessert is the family's favorite: Magnum ice cream in different flavors.

It was still raining after we finished our meal so we cuddled in front of the television the rest of the night. It was my husband's turn again to walk with Rikki just because I refused to budge :-)

My excuse was, I am baking Rikki's treats tonight and I did, too. Here is the dog treat from asparagus soup and arugula freshly picked from the garden.

Asparagus dog treat

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