Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

I woke up to feed Rikki, as she refused to eat the food provided by my husband!

Then I decided to play Santa for a few minutes, passing by MC's friend to give her gift (A gift certificate for creating crafts by us plus a marzipan Santa boots), then gave a Christmas card and Choco crinkles to the couple who gave us cash donation during our donation drive for Haiyan survivors. I also had a surprisingly interesting story-telling time with them during war time, when Germany needed help to rebuilt. The husband said it would not take time, but the people in the Philippines would rebuild definitely.

Meanwhile, Rikki waited patiently while I chatted with the people before we left to go in the woods, where we met a hunter along the way and exchanged Christmas wishes.

Breakfast was ready when we arrived home. We lingered a bit during breakfast, before the girls and Papa drove to the cemetery to visit the grave of my in laws, where they left a Christmas wreath and lighted a candle.

While they were away, I cleared the table and started preparing for the evening. Setting the table, etc. etc. Most importantly, I decided to bring the gifts out. Yes, the Christ Child came!

Our Christmas Eve table

Upon arrival, the girls were surprised to find the gifts under the tree. Excitedly, they added their collections of gifts, too. IC expressed excitement in opening the gifts, MC was a bit restrained :-)

The Christ Child came to bring the gifts
As we wait for the 4 p.m. mass, we got busy. My husband prepared the fish for dinner, assisted by the girls. Then girls got busy painting. The dog slept. (And I started writing my draft for this post )

I also made blackberry smoothie for the girls, with banana, maracuja joghurt and milk. Yumm!

My husband and I decided to take advantage of the cool weather to walk with the dog in the woods for an hour. We needed the fresh air, too.

Rikki sleeping after our walk in the woods
The girls busy painting
We drove early to church as the girls wanted to find the best place to better view the mini theater featuring the Christmas play. Since the church was almost full, the church leader encouraged everyone to sing some Christmas songs together while waiting for the church bells to ring. And what was the best things during the mass, aside from the Christmas play and the chocolate gifts for the kids afterwards? The action song during the mass that made everybody move their booties :-) That was indeed fun!

Inside the church
Our Christmas Eve dinner courtesy of my husband?

First we had lamb's lettuce with shrimps. The lamb's lettuce were freshly picked from our garden.

Then the much-awaited baked fish trout which took us to more than an hour drive last Sunday.

We had them with side dishes of Jasmine rice and buttered potatoes.

For dessert, there's the store-brought apple-cinnamon star-shaped ice cream.

Before we finally told the girls they could open their gifts!

Rikki received her gift, too!

Afterwards, the girls played with their new toys while sipping their kiddie wine. My husband had his martini and I enjoyed my Baileys Cream on the rocks.

I am glad it was my husband's turn to walk the dog tonight :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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