Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Third Sunday of Advent

It's the third Sunday of Advent.
The third Sunday of Advent
Three candles were burning during breakfast, afterwhich, the whole family took off to buy our Christmas tree.

Back home, I crawled into the storeroom and dragged the box of Christmas ornaments down. Then I left my husband and the girls with the tree because I planned to clean house today!

After hours of vacuuming and mopping and dusting, the whole house is clean. And the corner where the Christmas tree is located? Well, the tree is already standing but the girls decided to wait for me before they start pulling out the decors from the box.

We agreed to find the ornaments in red, white and gold and in a few minutes, the Christmas tree is done!
Christmas tree 2013 (with the Christmas elf 2013)
Giving the girls time to enjoy the rest of the day singing with karaoke while designing their jeans bags, which I sewed for them, and in between, did some drawings/paintings.

We had a great third Sunday of Advent, as always :-) !

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