Monday, December 2, 2013

First Sunday of Advent 2013

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent.

Our special prayers went to the survivors of Haiyan.

Advent Wreath 2013

Yesterday was also our Kindertag (Kids' Day). Instead of going out for an adventure, the girls chose to simply enjoy the day after breakfast. IC went biking with her Papa in the woods. Afterwards, the girls (including Rikki) drove with their Papa to the cemetery to leave our Christmas wreath on oma and opa's tomb.

Then they went to our favorite country stall to buy apples and pears where Rikki got to play with the farmer's German Sheperd, Emily.

Back home, the girls got busy with their Playmobil toys before they helped their Papa with our traditional Christmas baking. I was busy, too, as I started sewing the jeans loot bag for MC's birthday party treat.

Christmas biscuits 2013

Saucer Eyes Cookies
MC and IC experimented on the shapes :-)

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