Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIY: Advent Calendar from Plastic and Glass Jars

It's that time of the year. After the Advent wreath, another item is on the list: Advent calendar.

This year's Advent calendar took sometime to make because I needed 24 jars that would be big enough to carry the surprises I have collected throughout the year. Plus, the pieces of woods I intended to use as the base for the calendar were not stored properly that. Our dog, Rikki, kept on playing with them and disappearing with them in our garden!

I finally finished the Advent calendar made of wood and jars after three days of working on it. I really though I would have to do overtime work that would keep me up this weekend because I was focused on our donation drive, but the girls have stressed that I promised to create one for them. "Promises are not made to be broken, right, Mama?"

Advent calendar using plastic and glass jars

Materials needed:

24 plastic/glass jars
pieces of woods (enough to be the base for 24 jars)
gold/snow spray paint
paste or glue
Christmas ornaments
wrapping papers/crepe papers
assorted ribbons
a glue gun
an old Advent calendar or simply print out numbers 1-24

pieces of woods

24 pieces of glass and plastic jars
How to create the Advent calendar:

Use the spray paint on the pieces of woods. Once totally dry, tie them up using ribbons.
Be creative on decorating the plastic/glass jars, use wrapping papers and ribbons.
Before fixing them on the wooden base, make sure you already have an idea on the arrangement.
You might want to find a place for your Advent calendar because once it is done,
it would be very hard to transfer them!!

Once you know how you want your Advent calendar to look like,
use the glue gun to fix them in place by gluing the jars on both sides.
I used an old Advent calendar box for the numbers.

...Added more Christmas ornaments...
....Wrapped the 24 surprises in crepe/wrapping papers,
tied them with ribbons including the numbers, and the Advent calendar is done.
My girls cannot wait to open the surprise for December 1!!

Here's another Advent calendar idea: Christmas City Advent Calendar, and another simple one,

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