Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ich bin Kaputt!

Yes, I am dead on my feet!

After a late Thursday night lugging and dragging boxes of donated items to be loaded into our car to be delivered to LBC, Friday morning started with washing.

As mentioned here, I have decided to wash most of the donated clothes. Most of them are new, but because they have been in the storage for a long time, they smell funny already.

The washing machine was in full working load that day. Okay, I was also in full working mode as I have to hang those clothes to dry and fold them afterwards, too.

Good thing my girls helped me in sorting out items and again and again, translating/labeling some of them.

The staircase is the only space left to work!!!
Then Saturday came. I wanted to clean the house because we are ready to box all the donated items. So I did. The girls have an arts lesson, but since they were invited afterwards to the cinema, I didn't have to wait for them in the city.

I dusted, vacuumed, and mopped. I changed bed sheets and towels. And in between, I washed., hang and folded clothes.

And because my girls reminded me of my promise, I started making their advent calendar. This is after all, a family tradition.

My husband, meanwhile, reminded me that next weekend is already the first Sunday of Advent. That means, he's also urging me to work on our Advent's wreath! Okay, okay!

One by one. First, I boxed the donated items that we have sorted out.

One box done, with a drawing and a short note :-)
Another one, boxed and noted :-)
And that's how we labeled them, always with a heart...
As I was busy with the boxes, when someone rang the bell. It was a mom of IC's classmate, bringing more donations! Well, I happily accepted. There's always enough space for them.

Blankets and clothes

Boxes filled with donated items and decorated with drawings
And then I crawled into our storeroom to get the boxes of materials I needed to start working on the advent calendar, and the wreath. And then, I made siopao.

We had dinner and I asked the girls to clear the table while I watched the news.

And my husband came home from work at 9 p.m. and I warmed his dinner. It was when I sit down with him that I realized how I tired I was!

While listening to him talk about his day, I drank a glass of wine as I slowly let tiredness steep into my bones.

After a long, hot shower; I went to bed, grabbed a book and welcomed the sandman.

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