Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY: From a Shirt into a Simple Dog T-Shirt

I did say I am not a fan of dressing up pets, right? But hey, my sewing machine has been busy these past weeks creating Halloween costumes and the girls wanted to be fair to our dog.

They are convinced that Rikki wanted to have her own Halloween costume, too.

I compromised by making a simple shirt, signifying our pet's super power :-)

Materials needed to turn a shirt into a simple dog t-shirt:
- an old long-sleeved shirt
- scraps of easy to stretch cloths (I used old leggings)
- a pair of scissors
- pins
- needles
- thread
Rikki's t-shirt, with cuffs, too!
Get the shirt ready. I used a long-sleeved shirt. You would notice that I already removed the neck area.

After cutting off the neck area, cut the sleeves.

To make sure that the shirt would fit Rikki, there's a short fitting time.

I wanted to make sure that she could move normally with the shirt.

Next, to personalize the shirt, I used a scrap of pink leggings.
The girls suggested Super Rikki, that means... I had to sketch the letters S and R.

After the sketch, cut them out.

Fix the letters using pins.


The scrap of pink leggings you could use as garland. 
I used a scrap of gray leggings which I cut into strips for additional color.

There you go, the shirt for Super Rikki is done!

I'd say she likes her shirt.

Now because the girls wanted Rikki in costume this Halloween,
I've decided to create some cuffs, again, using the sleeves of the shirt.
Simply cut them into the length you want and sew.

Super Rikki with cuffs :-)

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