Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY: From a Skirt into a Halloween Treats Bag

Because she's wearing a newly-made bat costume, IC decided that her ever reliable Halloween bag would not do anymore. She wanted a new Halloween treats bag.
Halloween treats bag from an old skirt
Busy, busy Halloween. I know why, because it falls in the same week as the kid's autumn break!

Anyway, if there's a will, there's a way; especially when IC asked so sweetly.

A confession: there's this skirt I have already set aside because I wanted to make a bag out of it. I have decided it would do for IC's Halloween treats bag.

Materials needed for a Halloween treats bag with bat and moon forms:
an old dark skirt
scraps of gray/silver cloth (I used the scraps from the umbrella cloth)
a scrap of orange cloth
a pencil
something round for the moon form
a ruler
a pair of scissors
an old pair of stockings
needle and thread (if no sewing machine)

How to:

Cut-out bat figures using scraps of silver/gray cloth.

I had to sketch the bat figure :-)

Fixed the bat forms with pins
Using a round form, cut-out your full moon form and use your orange cloth for the moon.

Okay, its light orange but that's the only orange thing in the store room!
Sew the bat and moon forms on the skirt.

The girl can't wait for her bag!
Then lay the skirt on the table and measure the length you want to keep.

The skirt
Measure and cut
Turn the skirt on the wrong side and cut the skirt's hem according to your need before sewing the hem close. You now have the main bag.

For the handle, cut the old pair of stockings into strips and stretch each one of them. Braid the strips and sew the ends to keep them fixed.

The old stocking would be the bag's handle

Cut into strips
Tie both ends of the braided stockings on the hanger straps on the skirt.

The hanger straps have very important functions here.
IC's bag fits her bat costume :-)

The bat girl and her bat bag!
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