Thursday, October 24, 2013

Food Fight One Crazy Night

I normally don't approve of food being wasted. But one crazy night last week, a food fight started after a dinner of mashed potato and sauerkraut.

It began when the girls started teasing their Papa that his left cheek is smeared with a piece of sauerkraut. Instead of helping him remove it easily, the girls just laugh at his attempt to clean his face.

He teasingly attempted to smear the piece of sauerkraut on the girls faces. By then, the girls were already running screaming around the dining room. That's when I pretended to scoop some mashed potato to toss to them.

But MC was faster, she dipped a finger in the left-over bowl of mashed potato and smeared it on her Papa's face and declared giggling, "I have always dreamed of experiencing a food fight!"

I guess, most of all have dreamed of having a real food fight and thus, the real food fight started. Still seated, I also dipped my finger inside the mashed potato bowl and smeared it on my husband's face. IC meanwhile sneaked beside me, dipped her fingers on the same bowl and gave her Papa another face dirt. Because he was laughing so hard, he thought he could escape the ladies' power by running into the kitchen.
Papa was the target of the mashed potato missiles

Nope, the girls attacked him with their mashed potato fingers there, too. Good thing because I warned them against making my newly washed clothes dirty as I left them hanging in a corner in the dining room!

Anyway, my husband managed to keep the girls away from him after a few minutes. I didn't notice him beside me until I smelled the sauerkraut on my neck!!! Arrrgh, the sauerkraut was still warm, mind you! That started the girls' offensive again.
Who lost a shoe during the food fight?
Oh, I let them run around for a few more minutes, creating mayhem because it was fun hearing their laughter. They are living a dream, after all. Have you ever thought of having a food fight, too?

I declared the food fight over when I saw MC's mashed potato rocket almost missing my laundry!!

Well, everybody surrendered because my laundry won! And I shooed them all into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Rikki went crazy, too. Trying to lick up the trails of mashed potato all over the place. I guess, she loved the food fight the best :-)
Rikki helping me clean up by licking most surfaces smeared with mashed potato
Afterwards, I could see spots of yellow, mashed potato yellow, on the doors, on the walls, on our heaters, on the floor... but I am not complaining. (Though the sauerkraut smell on my skin bothered me as I had to wait for hours for the bathroom to be free!)

I am pretty sure I would find more food fight evidence in the next days to come. And I would clean them up and remember the fun we had.

But nope, I am not inclined to repeat such events. I think a food fight is a once in a lifetime experience because as I said above, food should not be wasted.


J M Boynton said...

Not sure if I can do this. I don't like getting messy ;)

raqgold said...

Surprisingly, the girls escaped the mess. It was their father who ended up with the whole mess. Me? I admit, the sauerkraut's smell is good when served but not when smeared on me :-)