Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Short Hike to Celebrate the German Unity Day (in photos)

Today is the Day of German Unity (Tag der Deutschen Einheit), a national holiday in Germany celebrating the anniversary of German reunification in 1990. 
Since the holiday was on a Thursday, the school declared Friday a holiday, too -- a long weekend! What to do?
We took advantage of the sunshine and decided to go for a short hike. The girls were not too fond of the idea but they went with us after telling them we could also collect walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc. along the way.
We are near the forest parking area and
here's Rikki running after a cat :-)
The cows are also enjoying the sunshine.
Walking beside the pet cemetery.
Inside the forest now.
The girls walking along the pet cemetery.

Walking deeper into the woods.
Back in the path after exploring the pet cemetery.

A firemen's vehicle driving inside the forest.
(I guess they are having a party in the woods today.)
A group of men and women pushing buggies, with dogs on leashes.
Walking near a tower (that means we are on top of the world!)
My curious girls want to see what's inside the forest ranger's hut. IC taking 'photos' using her pink phone.
This time, MC using her pink phone to take 'photos.'
A closer look at their pink phone :-) There's candies inside, too!
Passing by a very narrow pathway, blocked by a big van.
 I had to help the girls because there were torns along the way.
(There's a house a few steps away.)
Slowly but surely, walking through a very narrow and steep path.
The house is behind these trees.
At least the sun is shining!  See the city below?
We have been walking for almost an hour this time.
Private gardens with fruit-bearing trees left and right.
The girls are now urgins us to walk faster because
they want to be home on time to watch their favorite TV program.

But Rikki  found this dog inside a garden.

And there's another shy one. Rikki had to stop to greet  them.

Rikki also stopped for a drink at the fountain in the woods.

And the girls stopped to find hazelnuts.
There were enough on the ground but they were not yet ripe.

IC tried very hard to crack hazelnuts using her shoe.

Let's move faster, please! No chance, Rikki found another 'friend,' a doberman.
Nearing the second house in the residential area after leaving the woods. The girls decided to move ahead.
Leaving the first house on the residential area near the woods.

Passing by a field with more nut trees. 
Despite that, we left with empty hands.

The last curve and then almost home!

Home after a two-hour hike. Sun still shining!

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