Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY: Easy Kiddie Mummy Costume

This is a result of another last minute request from the girls: 'Mama, we need a new costume for Halloween!'

Mummy Costume for Kids
Mama needs to think fast and work on the costume faster. Therefore, a mummy costume. I think it's easy and yes, it was done after 30 minutes. It helped that I already have all the materials ready for the mummy costume.

It also helped that I used a very old table cloth I retrieved from the store room, therefore I don't need to dye the fabric to create a seemingly-authentic mummy-look.

Materials needed for the mummy costume:
Rikki protecting the skirt, the shirt and the table cloth
for our mummy costume project

one white t-shirt
one white long skirt
an old white blanket or table cloth (big enough to cover your chosen t-shirt and skirt)
white thread
a pair of scissors
a sewing machine, if you have one

How to create a mummy costume:

Start with the mummy bandages by laying the table cloth/blanket and cut between 2-3 inch slits, then tear them apart.
The bandages from and old table cloth

If you want, you could also tie two or three strips together for a different mummy touch.

Tied table cloth strips

Sew the strips on your shirt and skirt, creating a sloppy bandage.

The sleeves
Make sure you cut the inseams of each of the t-shirt's sleeves before sewing the strips on them. You could sew the sleeves together or you could leave it such. (The girls wanted it as comfortable as possible so I didn't sew the sleeves back.

Cut and tear your sewn bandages if they are wide enough.

Mummy shirt
Mummy skirt
The very easy kiddie mummy costume!

Mummy costume
On Halloween, I left two or three strips to cover the head. Plus, some white powder for the face.

You could get more ideas here.

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