Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

Are you still waiting for your green tomatoes to ripen? We are.

It's October and it's colder. We wanted to save our green tomatoes! We have to do something.

We have more than enough tomato harvest last year. I decided to make homemade dried tomatoes, aside from those we have already frozen. We still have two bottles of these dried tomatoes so we wanted to make something else, especially, we wanted to save tons of those green ones.

My husband has read loads of articles in the web about ways to ripen green tomatoes. And he started following one: placing them inside the warmer areas indoors with an apple.

In the wash room
In the pantry
My husband almost gave up after two weeks, especially when discovered that the bunch in wash room had fallen. He patiently hang them back and I encouraged him to wait a little longer. After three weeks, you could see that the tomatoes in the wash room are now slowly turning red. In the pantry, hmm, it seems we have to wait longer.

Today, my husband said we should bring the tomatoes in the wash room into the pantry so that they would ripen faster, too. Let him do that.

Then he suggested we could do it Opa's way, by wrapping them individually in newspaper and placing them in a container with apple or banana. I smiled and told him the best way to let green tomatoes ripen is by placing them in a big bowl and let them ripen just like that.

Do you have your own special way of ripening green tomatoes? Let me know!

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