Monday, October 28, 2013

Mom's Early Christmas Prepping

It’s only October but I am already prepping up for Christmas. Why? Because December is the busiest month for me.  (I know, December might be the busiest for all of us, but let me continue so you would understand how specially overwhelming December is for me.)
In Germany where we live, December does not only mean Christmas but also the celebration of  the traditional St. Nikolaus Day on December 6. Add to this my daughter’s birthday which falls on December 10, another big celebration. Those are not all.  Do you know that Germans consider the 26th of December the second day of Christmas, too?
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J M Boynton said...

My stress starts in October as well and doesn't let up till spring. The kids make a big deal about Halloween and as soon as October rolls in they are already planning what costumes they will wear. Then November comes with Thanksgiving and that's a big feeding frenzy for the family and all the extended ones. My birthday is in the first week of December. Then of course we have Christmas which is still the highlight of the year. Early January we have two birthdays back to back. February brings in my husband's birthday and Valentine's Day. Then March comes along with my oldest son's birthday. So I really don't get any reprieve until spring! :)

raqgold said...

Wow, that's a never-ending planning and cooking and everything that goes with a party! After New Year's Day, I would time to rest until Feb's Valentine and Easter. But you still have birthdays on January and February! I am sure by now you are already used to the excitement of these days. Good luck :-)