Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Harvests

Sunny September means longer harvest time.

We are enjoying our harvests and there are more to come...

Tomatoes are still hanging in our garden. There are loads of green ones, too.
That means, we would have enough frozen tomatoes for winter.
Rucola (arugula), I love the smell of this green leafy thingy whenever I pluck them for salad.
Spinach and red beets. They were victims of the snail invasion but despite that,
there were enough harvested to start a great meal.

Peaches, so juicy, too! Good for snacks, cake toppings, and dog food :-)

Apples! They looked to bruised but that's because we don't use any fertilizer.
Yet, when you take a bite, the insides are clear! They have been used to make baked apple pies, Waldorf Salad, Tuna and Apple Sandwich, etc.

Grapes, grapes, grapes. In red, in white, in blue :-)

A pair of pear.
There's enough blackberries to munch on. Then there's three good sizes of squash waiting to be harvested, too. We lost all of our decorative pumpkins to the snail invasion this year, though.

We are not complaining, it looks like we would have more enough rucola, spinach and apples this year, too.

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