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September Kids' Day:Fried Fish Festival in Worms (Wormser Backfischfest)

I can't believe we have been celebrating kids' day since 2007!
Worms Promenade
A short explanation. We declared every Sunday of the month a special day for our kids. A day where they could decide and plan what they want to do. They are our bosses on this day. (Actually, we are their slaves the whole year, the thing is; we pretend it's not true.) This day is really, really something special and the girls have something to look forward to every month.

What's more, when their friends learned about us having kids' day, they wanted to have one special day in their family, too. Not everybody was convinced as one mom told her daughter who asked for a kid's day, 'come on, you know that everday is a kid's day for us!'

Back to this September's kids' day, it was their Papa who suggested going to the Wormser Backfischfest (Fried Fish Festival in Worms) but the girls agreed immediately on learning about the possible adventure rides, the German sweets, and of course, the delicious selection of fish menus! We so love fish, not so much of those frozen ones, though :-)
Wormser Backfischfest 2013
Because it is a kids's day, the girls woke up early. It would best best to start the special day as early as possible, right? It is okay as we wanted to arrive early and have our pick of parking space. The Wormser Backfischfest is a popular festival, after all.

After a quick breakfast, we drove to the city of Worms. The girls started excitedly negotiating about their rides: who wants to ride the giant roller coaster, who wants to join me in the merry-go-round, who wants to walk the ghost house, who wants to cavort inside the circus tent, etc.

I repeatedly said I won't join their joy rides because I don't know if my stomach could handle everything, pointing to my husband as my hero rider :-) Did my tactic work? Read along...

Since this is Rikki's first time in this part of Worms (we already took a touristic tour in the historical parts of Worms), we took a short detour to calm her down first. We walked around the park near the festival grounds, which is along the Rhein River.
Along the Rhein River in Worms
The girls enjoyed the short near-water and lots of rocks adventure that gave them the adrenaline surge to eagerly try all the rides; while our dog, Rikki, calmed down.
The Promenade
The Worms bridge tower as seen from the Promenade
Approaching the festival area, we told the girls that we would all go around and check the whole festival grounds first. They could examine the rides, decide on what sweets to munch on, deliberate on souvenirs, smell the wonderful food treats before the real fun starts.

That was a great program because along the way, we heard the tinkling of music and shouts of cheers and discovered that there's a parade, too. We would have missed it if were lining up for a ride! Though I am sure Rikki would have loved to skip the loud music. No worry, IC and MC took turns covering our dog's ears (As if that helped? They managed to distract Rikki, though).
Wormser Backfischfest Parade 2013
Wormser Backfischfest Parade 2013
We found a line of stalls selling souvenirs, antiques, handmade winter accessories, clothes, etc. We passed by the sweets corners featuring the usual German favorites of honey Lebkuchen (ginger bread) hearts, roasted almonds, Mohrenkopf (chocolate-coated marshmallow treats), etc.

And then the girls convinced (pushed) me to join them on their first carnival ride. Okay, I tried to renegotiate but my husband grabbed tightly on Rikki's leash, he won that time. IC, who was having second thoughts, finally agreed. There's three of us. The ride was called Wilde Maus (Wild Mouse) and yes, it was wild. It was the giant roller coaster!

A confession: the last time I rode a giant roller coaster was in the late early 1908s in Enchanted Kingdom. They called their roller coaster the Space Shuttle Max. I rode with my younger brother because I was the only one with him that time. It was our date. After riding that roller coaster, I wanted to change the park's name to Disenchanted Kingdom. I was kaput and just glided with my brother that whole visit. The only thing I remember was that roller coaster ride and my poor stomach. After that, never again.

That's what I thought!

Anyway, the girls wanted to sit in front and I gave in, I got the back seat (yeheeeyy!) So as we chug along, we started analyzing the curves and the falls, trying to calm ourselves, trying to not be afraid. And then the first curve came... I could only hear my girls screaming (I think I was screaming, too!). Surprise, surprise; hearing the girls screaming and laughing, tickled me that I forgot about my fright. It became a fun ride. What an exhilarating bonding time. But I am not going up there again, promise!
The Wilde Maus Ride
After an hour a few minutes of being thrown on air (that's how it felt), we finally stopped. I caught a glimpse of our dog, Rikki, straining on her leash, and barking. My husband told me that hearing us screaming made our dog crazy. Well, I know how she felt.

The next ride is easier, a ghost ride. This time, the girls tricked me. I remained alone in front and they sat at the back. I had my eyes open the whole time, wanting to see everything. The girls were not so loud this time, and I know why. IC admitted to closing her eyes almost the whole time. I don't know about MC.

Good thing the girls didn't bother me about their other carnival rides. It was also fun staying on the side lines.

Then, time for the real feast: eating the fried fish! Of course, there are also currywurst and hotdogs; but we went there for the fried fish festival. Therefore, we are eating fish. Choices included salmon, dory and carp; there's also shrimps and calamares. Side dishes were french fries, rolls or potato salad.

The girls got cotton candies and roasted almonds for dessert before we decided to go home. We could have stayed for the fireworks. Instead, we chose to watch the fireworks from the comfort of our house.

I promised the girls a nightcap in our balcony, overlooking, among others, the city of Worms. Around 9 p.m., with sliced fruits and chips, we waited for the fireworks. It was already a few seconds past nine p.m. but we could see no fireworks? Good thing my husband caught our attention, 'look the other way!' We did and we saw the fireworks!

It turned out my girls and I were looking at the wrong direction. Hahahahaha! Okay, that's our kids' day that I almost ruined because of my crazy sense of direction :-)

P.S.If you want to have an idea of the view from our balcony, here.

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