Friday, September 20, 2013

Working to Correct Tardiness in School (Updated)

Papa had to leave early for a meeting yesterday and he drove MC to her classmate's house a earlier than usual. She walks with this girl to school almost everyday, since they entered middle school.

It turned out that despite arriving at this girl's house that early, it took the girl sometime to get everything ready for school. The result? They arrived late in school.

The teacher saw MC coming in late, but didn't see the other girl. Therefore, MC was penalized by the teacher.

MC took her punishment in stride. She accepted it because she did arrive late. How about the other girl who made her late? The girl did not say anything to the teacher. And MC would not say anything aboout it, too.

I asked MC, 'What do you plan to do once it happened again?' She simply shrugged.

It turned out, MC and this particular friend, have been beating the bell in school regularly. It turned out that they have been coming in late because she always have to wait for her friend. How do I know? My husband, who usually walks with the girls to school, told me because he managed to observed them many times. And not surprisingly, MC confessed about their lateness, too.

My husband wanted to talk to the girl's mom. I told him MC would have to decide about this issue. 

She could talk to her friend on new arrangements in walking to school. She could arrive in school early and not rush for anything or arrive late and be punished. Her choice. (MC hates being late so she would always have everything planned and ready the day before that's why I cannot understand this.) 

MC said she doesn't want to leave her friend and walk alone to school. She said she would pass by her friend's house in case her friend's ready. (Yep, that's how loyal a friend she is.) If not, then she would have to go ahead.

We agreed that her decision is good enough (and I hoped and prayed for the best.)

This morning, it was my husband's turn to walk with the girls. He returned home irritated, saying that MC waited for her friend for a long time again and he's got the feeling that the girls would be late for school again.

Would they arrive late for school again? Would there be punishment awaiting? What would MC do to correct this? What would we do to correct this?

And the story continues...

How to NOT be late for school according to MC:

- Prepare all your needed school items the day before.
- Have your clothes ready for the next day and don't forget to check the weather forecast so you would be wearing appropriate clothes, too.
- Know when you would need your sports bag, and make sure you have fresh gym clothes, too.
- Tell your mom the night before what you want for your lunch box the next day. (If you want, you can write them down so she won't forget)
- Place your school bag (and sports bag) near the front door.
- If you can, put your water bottle inside your school bag ahead.
- If you need money for school, make sure you have them in coins.
- Set your alarm clock five minutes early.
- Shower the night before. (You'll sleep better!)
- Ask your parents to wake you up by calling your name and turning the lights on :-)
- Finish washing and dress-up in five minutes!
- Walk fast (run when needed) :-)

And if I may add, I always tell MC to sleep early but you know, that's only my loving advice to her.

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