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The 5th Weinheimer Tiermesse (Animal Fair)

The 5th Weinheimer Tiermesse
Despite the dreary weather, for the love of our dog, Rikki, who needed a shampoo; we headed after breakfast last Sunday to visit the 5th Weinheimer Tiermesse (Animal Fair) which was held at the Gemeindehalle in L├╝tzelsachsen this weekend.
Dogs everywhere :-)
This is our first time to visit this fair. After a wrong turn, we found the way, thanks to the many directional signs posted in the area.

The road to the community hall where the event is being showcased is narrow, and we doubted that we would find a parking area there. Then a helpful and friendly fair helper waved us in, saying 'there's still one parking space for your car inside.' Yuhoo!

Rikki, very excited (of course), decided to let her presence known by barking and pulling on her leash :-) My husband went with her for a short walk first, to let her calm down, before bringing her inside the fair area.

My girls and I went ahead. We followed the smell of the food and turned right (there are at least three entrances.) Just outside the community hall is a tent with tables and chairs, and stalls selling American hotdogs, crepes, coffee and other drinks, and cakes and muffins.
The food stalls outside
On the wall, before entering the main exhibit area, you would see photos of rescued dogs. My girls and I fell in love with a senior dog named Bobbi, who just lost his home and is now looking for a place to stay during his twilight years. Bobbi has also problems with his sight and hearing. My girls and I discussed about enquiring about him, but first, we wanted to ask my husband about his opinion. That means, we have to wait.

While checking out the almost 50 stalls (according to a news article) inside the animal fair, the girls got to pet different breeds of dogs, got entertained by some ferrets, got to meet two alpacas (they avoided them after hearing that they could spit on them), got to watch a dog agility training/show, got to see leeches on a bottle (mama, what's that, yikkkesss!), got free tastes of honey candies (we bought a pack each for both of them), got to join the tombola (they didn't get anything but they each got gummi bears as consolation prizes), etc.
Leashes and collars 
Meaning, we stayed in the animal fair grounds a long time. There are just too many things to see, to taste, to smell, to examine, to buy. Plus, my girls discussed ways to convince their Papa to let them adopt Bobbi. They promised to take turn in taking care of him, etc., etc.

The Alpacas
Truth is, we also stayed longer because the girls wanted to watch the scheduled exhibition which turned out to be agility training for dogs. It was worth the wait, too. In an audience filled with a mixture of human and dogs, the show entertained us to bits. It was fun. In the end, dog owners were urged to bring their dogs in the mini arena to try-out. Many of them joined, too. Not our Rikki, though.
Agility Show
Oh wait, we were supposed to buy a shampoo for our dog, right?

We found stalls featuring animal food and treats, dog leashes and collars, jewelries and ornaments for animals and their owners, clothes and blankets for animals and humans, and other "important" accessories such as items from Tupperware and other decorative articles. There were also services that included showcased information about animal training, therapy, insurance, interment, grooming,

Decors and a dog :-)
Crystal Souvenirs 
Pretty accessories for pets
I also love those t-shirts and jackets with prints of different dogs on them. I really would have loved to buy one. I am sure Rikki would have loved a dog jacket, too. But my husband would not tolerate those things at all! Even though we begged and begged. Maybe because Rikki does not look convinced about wearing those things, too. :-)
Love those t-shirts and those lazy dogs!

Now, what about the shampoo? It was not easy to find one. Yet, I found a bottle of shampoo on a stall that focused on dog grooming but it was too expensive.

I might have seen a stall with some bottles displayed on them, but I was distracted when the girls grabbed me to show the jewelries beside them so I didn't get the chance to really check them out. Sorry, Rikki! Hopefully, next time there would be more shampoo choices.

Anyway, Rikki enjoyed the animal fair, too. She met a lot of dogs. She was petted a million times. She got to smell the unbelievable array of dog food and treats. She got to bark and scratch herself and run around and just be a dog :-)
Meetings some doggie friends
Afterwards, because of Rikki's good behavior, we bought her a pack of dried bovine skin and a big sack of dried cattle ear. I am sure she would not have missed the shampoo after these generous purchases :-)
These food and treat stall is being served by a blind man
By the way, there's no entrance fee for the animal fair. The organizers said all the proceeds in the fair would go to the animal welfare. The main beneficiaries this year are the Tierfreunde Mainfranken and the organization 'Far from Fear' that helps dogs from Spain. Kudos to the organizers of this event. You are doing great!

About Bobbi, the girls asked about him before we left. My husband's answer? "No. You should learn to help in taking care of Rikki before you get another dog." And that's that.

MC stamped away with a long face, while IC simply shrugged. Lesson learned. Take care of the one you have first before requesting for another one. (And yes, my heart is breaking for Bobbi, too!)

When we got back home, MC immediately checked Rikki's bed and told me I should wash it because it smells. Then she washed Rikki's bowls, brushed Rikki's teeth and played with Rikki for a while. So, Papa, what do you think? Could the girls (and I) have Bobbi now?

Bobbi, we hope and pray you would find a good home soon. Just like Edward who is also looking for his forever home.
Meet Bobbi (image from Tierfreunde-Mainfranken)

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