Friday, September 6, 2013

A Review: Bonbonkocherei Hermann Hinrichs in Eckenförde

Just a sample of the sweet treats inside the candy shop
During our camping vacation along the Baltic Sea this summer, we discovered a heavenly shop for people with sweeth tooth called Bonbonkocherei Hermann Hinrichs.

We actually passed the sign of the shop during our first stroll in the city, but we just ignored it. Now why would we notice it in our next visit? Because there was a little boy who was bawling his eyes out just outside the candy store. His parents could not control his tantrum and he seemed to not want to leave the area, insisting on going back inside.

The only sign outside that informs the public about the amazing candy store
That's when we took a peek inside the small street and found an amazing candy shop. It was filled with people, inside and outside, too. You would find that visitors leaving the store would be carrying sweet-smelling big bags of sweets. We want those, too!
People waiting outside the candy store
My girls wanted to check the candy store immediately. I admit, I was also intrigued especially since the sweet smell would already greet you when you enter the small entrance.

And going inside, we were not disappointed. The store is full with all kinds of sweets that just looking at them, I could already hear the dentists calling :-) Despite the crowd, there's enough room to move around. I guess it's because the crowd is concentrated on the areas where the candies are located.
Sweets everywhere!
Now, about that crying boy? He was still inside the shop and, yes, still crying. But you would think that would distract the crowd inside the candy store? Nope, everybody was too excited to notice. Let me tell you, they were so concentrated on finding their favorite sweets, on checking the colorful display, they would not even leave the container open for another hand to reach in! Ouch!
Go for it, girls!
After a few seconds of seeing adults raiding the candy containers as if there's no more tomorrow, I told my girls to be very careful. People might not see them as they are too small for the greedy candy monsters :-) Okay, not all of them were inconsiderate, but most of them, whew! I guess they were overwhelmed by what they saw. Sweet power?
More packed candies on shelves
There were candies everywhere: on the walls, on the shelves, on containers, on an island that include assorted gummi bears, hard candies, soft candies, chocolates, lollipops, etc. There were fruit candies, caramel, licorice, herbal, sugar-free and even specially-made ones. You could scoop them, grab those in plastic bags, take your preferred pieces out -- whatever you want.
See, more candies!
The price would depend on how heavy your candy bag would be. Now, you need to watch out what you pour inside your bag. I have to control my girls and tell them to simply get a piece each of the candies. That way they could try them first. I could already see their unwanted candies ending up melting in my mouth.

How about the tastes? Well, they are sweet! My girls love those soft candies covered with chocolates, and of couse, the gummi bears. I don't know how the lollipops tasted but I saw kids outside seeming to enjoy them.

The candy store offers special group tours, too. If you are lucky, you could see the workers preparing the candies right in front of you.

Going back to that crying little boy? The parents finished their candy shopping and left with a happy little boy. I am also glad to report that the staff simply ignored the little boy's noise, concentrating on serving the crowd of costumers. Everything went smoothly, and sweetly (I just have to add that!). Could be because they have been witnessing such tantrums?

Happy shoppers
The Bonbonkocherei Hermann Hinrichs in Eckenförde is located at Frau-Clara-Straße 22. What's good news for those with sweet tooths is that this candy shop is open during Sundays, too.

It is open from:
Monday from 11 am to 6 pm (No candy-making demonstrations)
Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

P.S. I am also happy that we missed the shop during our first visit because a month after visiting the shop? There are still enough candies to share with friends.

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