Monday, September 9, 2013

The Sound of Sirens

MC had a school project that focuses on different cultures and her teacher requested her to do something about the Philippines.

She was joined by a boy from her class. That 11-year-old boy came to our home on a school day to help MC prepare their chosen Philippine dish called siopao.

While both of them were busy kneading the dough for the siopao, a siren disturbed the silence and their concentration.

The boy said, 'Oh, that was real loud. I hope that everything would turn out okay though.'

And he added, 'You know what, everytime I hear a siren, I always offer a prayer. I always hope and pray that everyone needing the help of that vehicle with the siren would be okay.'

I could have offered him all the siopaos he want for his thoughtfulness.

From that time on, I started offering a short prayer whenever I hear the sound of sirens. I urged my girls to do the same, too.

Why not everybody do it, too?

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