Monday, September 23, 2013

How IC Prepared for her Three-Day Class Outing

IC's luggage and her backpack
Ever since her big sister MC went on a three-day outing in Dilsberg with her classmates in third grade, IC has looked forward to her very own school outing. She was disappointed that it did not happen on their third grade, but she's happy when she learned that it was scheduled on their fourth grade.

She learned about the planned class trip to Steinach am Donnersberg during their third grade and it was scheduled and confirmed a few weeks before they were released for summer vacation. Yipeee :-)

You think she forgot about her class trip during the summer vacation? Nope. She has that trip swimming around her mind almost the whole time. Thinking about what to wear, worrying if she would get enough food and drinks, wanting to see if her luggage is passable, choosing possible roommates, counting the days, etc. etc.

And because the whole family was also curious about IC's class trip, we decided to go and visit the place ahead. Well, I entered the youth hostel, with IC (a bit hesitant) following me. We saw the reception area filled with shelves of books and board games. There's a sweets corner and a souvenir shop, too. We also discovered a Celts Village and Garden nearby. All very interesting.

On the first day of IC's fourth grade, they started talking about the trip. The kids argued about rooms and their chosen roommates :-) Us parents were invited for a meeting: to talk about the outing, we got the list of suggested things to bring, among others.

And then IC planned for her three-day class outing:

-She saved money. (Despite their teacher's suggestion that they are to bring only around 5 Euro in coins)
-She asked us to check the weather forecast in Donnersberg during their trip, before she selecting her clothes to pack.
-She went with us to grocery shop to pick her favorite pack of sweets, gummi bears, of course. (They are allowed to bring a pack of sweets which they should give to their teacher as it would be shared.)
-She patiently chose a pair of winter house shoes. (She normally moves around the house barefoot even during winter.)
-It took time for her to chose a book to bring and she decided not to bring any board games for fear that some tiny pieces might get lost.
-She asked me to put tags and write her name on the items that she would bring.
-She packed her clothes in set by folding them (shirt, pants, undies, socks) together, her towels and toiletries. She also added a rain jacket, just in case.
-She didn't forgot to pack enough tissues, her Vicks and her night scarf. (She's got a bit of cold.)
-The day before their trip, she prepared her small backpack, putting a water bottle, a small pack of cookies, a sandwich and some tissues.
- She also made sure we said goodbye to her favorite stuff toy, Candy, who is going with her.
-She made sure her wallet contained her coins and she also placed a rosary inside.
-Before she left, she distributed love notes for Papa, for her big sister MC, and for me. (What a pleasant surprise :-D)

IC's love notes
I know how IC love writing and receiving love notes. I also secretly left a three-day love note in her backpack last night :-)

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