Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY: Simple Advent Wreath

I was so busy with our donation drive, it took my husband's nudge to remind me that the first Sunday of Advent is fast approaching. He asked me if we need to buy something to create our own Advent wreath, like some greens?

I told him we would have a simple Advent wreath, using the old ornaments I have collected the past years. And nope, we won't need any greens, too. I managed to finish the Advent wreath last Sunday.

The only things new are, of course, the four candles.

Materials needed for a simple Advent wreath:
four candles
some clay (or a glue gun)
a sturdy plate or bowl or whatever type of base you want to use
assorted Christmas ornaments
some nuts and twigs, if possible

How to create a simple Advent wreath:

Make sure you have all the materials on hand. If you are using a glue gun, it should be plugged and ready to use.

Place the four candles on the plate or bowl. Fix them in place using the clay or the glue gun.

Put the candles on the base of your choice.

Arrange your chosen ornaments around the candles. You might want to use the glue gun to keep them in place, too. I opted not to use any glue this year, I think the ornaments would stay in place just like that.

This year, we wanted to have more red, thus, our Advent wreath is filled with that color and some white, gold and silver, too.
Red, gold, silver, white is our Advent wreath
Our Advent wreath 2013
I was done after 10 minutes!

It took me longer to crawl inside our storeroom to find the boxes of ornaments :-)

P.S. I guess I have my favorite ornaments, see our Advent wreath in 2012 here. And yes, I am almost finished with the Advent calendar, too.

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