Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day Three of Donation Drive for Haiyan Survivors

And we continue our donationdrive to help the survivors of the devastating typhoon Haiyan...

Yesterday I posted the items we received here.

Last night, a friend who I have never heard for a long time, called up. She said she has been meaning to call me to ask about my family in the Philippines. I told her they are okay but their area in Iloilo needs help, too. Then she offered help and I told her I am collecting donations, reading out loud the list of suggested items for donation.

This morning, a neighbor called up informing me that she gave copies of our letter asking for donations to her officemates. She further told me that in case I am not home, she would simply leave the donations, as they come, on our doorstep.

After a few minutes, the mother of IC's friend called. Telling me that her husband would come around noontime to bring some toiletries and a number of bandages. She wanted to be assured that the donated items would be received by the people who really needed them. I said everything would be coursed through LBC Foundation.

Her husband arrived with this:

All kinds of bandages, gauzes, and wound dressings plus some toiletries!
I didn't realize how many kinds of bandages, gauzes, and wound dressings there are. There are also gloves and emergency blankets.

Another neighbor followed with a call. She asked if clothes, shoes, kitchen items would be urgently needed, too. I said it would be best to stick on what's on the list first, though this time I added that underwears are also badly needed. She said she would get in touch with me as soon as she has everything organized.

A mother of MC's classmate just called and asked if clothes and toys would be appropriate. I sadly have to say not now because other items needed priority. She would get in touch as soon as possible, too.

I am touched by the people's answer to our call for help.

My God bless them all.

I am falling in love over and over again with my neighbors.

P.S. Here's something I learned, though. Since we live in Germany, I might need to label other items that does not have English translations so that the people there would know the uses of most items.

This is a wash powder but might need an extra label so that the end user would know.
For example, this wash powder. There is no German nor English translation. Although you could smell it's a soap. To avoid any confusion, make time to place English labels, please?

No English
These are bandages and wound creams, I might not need to translate but I
would take time to label the wound cream in English as when you open the boxes, there creams are in tubes.
I might even translate it's how to use note.
Also for those donating clothes and shoes. Make time to sort and label them such as for babies, for kids, for men, for women -- let's also help make the work volunteers who would end up with our donations a bit lighter, okay?

I am sure the extra effort to translate and to sort items out would be appreciated.

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