Monday, November 18, 2013

Days Six and Seven of Donation Drive for Haiyan Survivors

It is now day six of our donation drive and I am completely exhausted but happy with the result.

Day Five came with a small package but before that day ended, I received a call from a hotel/restaurant owner, who wanted to clear things.

Number one, until when could they send the donations? A lot of people have asked already. That is something I should have noted in my letter. I told her until the middle of the week as I need time to check the labels before we bring them for shipment.

She gave me happy news. She informed me that she communicated with doctors in the area who promised to organize medicinal packages. And since she's a hotel owner, she would also be providing bedsheets and towels. Yay!!! I mentioned to her that underwears would also be much appreciated.

Day Six is a Sunday. Rest day. But wait, while washing the car outside in the cold, my husband was approached my somebody who said they are organizing the items for donations and would be ready in the next days.

Day Seven: While walking the girls to school, someone shouted out a greeting. She informed me that some items are ready for pick-up. My husband picked them up later that day.

Laundry soap, canned goods, sanitary pads, toiletries

Then I consulted with the pharmacist, asking how things are moving at his end. He said he would have everything ready by Wednesday.

My husband, who had a meeting with a client, went home and said his client who owns a discount store said he would provide underwears for a special price and would add more items for free. His staff told me she's got sacks of articles for donation, too. I should be ready to pick everything on Wednesday!

Then a mother and her daughter rang the bell with a bag. The mom said she was happy that we could finally meet. You see, we usually wave to each other whenever we see each other on the street. Me walking, she driving :-)
Toiletries, candles, high energy biscuits
Then someone left a bag of donations late afternoon. Filled with a sleeping bag, some blankets and some clothes.
 clothes and blankets

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