Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nutrition Week and What She Learned

A few weeks ago was Nutrition Week at MC's school. Everytime she comes home from school, she would give us a list of things they learned.

It has a big impact on her because for the past days these past weeks, she kept on reminding us about the following:

1. Butter is not so good. We could only use it a little once a day. Thus, she would ask me to give her plain bread; every other day. And that made Papa use more margarine when cooking.

2. Oil is also fat. We are only allowed a few drops per serving. Thus, she would check on us when we cook and even when we create our salad dressing.

3. Dont eat too much egg. Although she loves to eat eggs during weekends, she has skipped them. Remember that she'd learned how to cook scrambled egg and was so proud about it.

4. Continue with having fruits on the menu. She said she proudly shared to the class that we always have fresh fruits at home. And the kids do love munching on fruits, instead of chips and sweets.

5. Vegetable is good. She said she must slowly learn to love eating veggies. In fact, she had a big serving of spinach yesterday, a first time for her!

6. No more sweets. She said sweets are not good for the teeth and for the body. Actually, MC only occasionally eats sweets, it is IC who's got the sweet tooth. And both kids dont crave softdrinks.

7. Of course, enough sport and play. She said that is why she loves her bike and hiking.

I hope she'll grow up keeping these knowledge with her ;D


Anonymous said...

Thomas has a sweet-tooth - he's a sucker for lollipops. But he also loves steamed brocolli and even if I don't add any spices, he'll still gobble it up.

Toni said...

Kudos to the school for inspiring her to take action on a healthy lifestyle ha! :) It's great that the lessons she learned aren't all theory. She gets to apply them and share them with you!