Friday, July 31, 2009

What do we do with our seashells?

During our vacation in the beach a few years ago, the kids collected a few seashells. I told them they could only bring home so much as the sea would also need the seashells. They agreed and left most of their collections on the beach shore.

But they chose a few with flaws on them to bring home as they said, 'they wanted to keep the beach beautiful.'

At home, they forgot about the shells. A few days ago, I found the box where they kept the shells, I reminded them that we could have just left them all on the beach as they dont have a use for them anymore.

The girls couldnt accept it just like that. They said the seashells could be of use. And so we spent the day making a list and being creative:

1. Use them as decorations for greeting cards.
2. Create a wall decor out of them.
3. Scatter them around the unused corners of the bathroom
4. Sprinkle them around our koi pond
5. Create a bracelet or necklace out of them
6. Make a kitchen (flea) cover out of it (see photo below)
The seashell kitchen (flea) cover is easy. Choose the seashells with holes on them. Have a small piece of cloth ready. Sew the seashells to the cloth ends. Voila, you've got your own kitchen cover.

The kids could easily do this alone! Just supervise them with the sewing, of course.

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siyetehan said...

one very good thing about you is that you provide quality time with your child/children.

this will help develop their inner self.