Thursday, August 6, 2009

She wants a date!

This is supposed to be a secret between my husband and our five-year old girl but I find it too cute not too share :D

IC wants to arrange a date.

IC told her Papa that she wants to invite a certain boy to go out with her.

She told her Papa she needs favor; he should be the one to invite the boy and Papa should join them, too.

Why? Because as she said, 'I dont want him to know that I like him.'

When asked why she likes the boy -- she enumerated the following:

- he lets her play with his game boy
- he lets her watch a movie on his cellphone
- he lets her dictate what they should do

Oh well....


theLastJedi said...

' how i wish a girl wud fall for me because i let her play with mah game boy, watch a movie on my mobile phone and dictate what we should do.. funny how a child could see things innocently but come to think of it, the basic essentials are seen by their eyes..

- good luck with IC.. =)

raqgold said...

easy to get ano? hahaha but kids know what simple things in life make them happy

theLastJedi said...

' easy to get? ahahahahaha.. wait a few years and she'll get complicated.. gurlz have a way of doing it.. oopz, babae ka rin pala.. peace tau.. ehe

- shud she insists further on a date, let me know if i cud help.. dalhin natin sa paris o kaya sa athens.. ahahahaha

raqgold said...

girls and boys have their own ways of being complicated, hehe -- paris and athens are ok, ayos na passport nya sempre sama ako sa chaperon, hahaha

siyetehan said...

you learn a lot from a child's mind.