Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello My Friend

Walking home one evening with my 7-year-old girl, MC; a man was shouting in the darkness, 'hello, my friend.'

I didnt take notice. Thinking he was talking to somebody else.

Then MC told me, 'I think that was the man who's been trying to talk to me.'

I was alarmed so I encouraged her to tell me more.

It seems that she's been seeing that man regularly around the area.

She even told me her cousin, who is much older than her, also warned her not to talk to anyone, even that man. 'I dont talk to the man, mama, ' she assured me.

I know I could trust MC, but I dont know about the man. He might just be friendly but I am not taking any chance.

I told her to avoid the area anymore. And if she absolutely must go there, dont go alone. Better yet, go there only with her papa or with me.

And I thanked her for talking to me. She nodded and continued happily skipping while firmly holding my hand.

But of course, I did more when we arrived home:
1. I told the whole family about the story.
2. I asked them to watch out when they are in the area.
3. I told them that either of the kids should go there alone; or better yet to avoid the area.
4. Always remind the kids never to talk nor accept anything from strangers.
5. Talk and listen to the kids.

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Vlado&Toni said...

hello raquel... long time no hear.. i have been really very busy too :(

this is very alarming.. i hope that man is not around anymore..i am glad you found out about it soon .. otherwise it really is something to be taken seriously.