Monday, August 10, 2009

It's our 8th

Eight years ago, I realized I found the man I wanted to marry.

Eight years ago, the man I wanted to marry realized he wanted to be married to me.

Today, we are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary.

The yearly wedding anniversary tradition was to dine in the hotel/restaurant where we had our wedding reception nine years ago. We always celebrate with our two girls, since they are the blessings from our being together; since they sealed our marriage with additional love.

What are we going to do tonight? Let's wait and see. All I know is that waking up together is already a celebration.


ruth said...

happy anniv! we got married on the same year!

dencios said...

9 years and counting..

i wish you both all treasures (literally ang figuratively, ;D) in the world.


theLastJedi said...

"All I know is that waking up together is already a celebration."

- if that aint sweet, i dunno what is.. ehe.. congratulations to you and your hubby.. =)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo rachel,

happy 9th wedding anniversary to you both, more and more years to come.

God bless ...........

Wena said...

hi raq!

pareho pala august ang wedding anniv natin. august 20 kami ni hubby. :)

God Bless!