Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

It was our 6th wedding anniversary last August 10. As been the tradition, we make a reservation at the Watzenhof. This is the hotel-restaurant where we celebrated our wedding.

The kids were already so excited when I told them that we would be celebrating our wedding anniversary together. Yes, together. The kids joined us. We wanted them with us. After all, we are celebrating US!

Then came the papa with a bunch of long stemmed red roses in the hand. He gave both kids a rose each, and he presented the bunch to me with flourish. His other gift, the Pandora charm, is already attached in my Pandora bracelet. I gave him a bottle of his favorite tequila gold.
The kids presented us and each other, with their artworks. They chose their clothes for dinner, something special, they said.

Dinner was great. We are already regular guests in this restaurant. The manager and most of his people know us. The kids are familiar faces in the kitchen. In fact, upon arrival, they were asked if they wanted to have ice cream from the kitchen. This is becoming a ritual. Would it be such in another six years?

I know this for sure. Being a Filipina mom in Germany is not easy -- a strange land, a strange culture, a strange language. But my husband's thoughtfullness made all the strangeness a wonderful experience. And the family I adopted here made the strangeness something special. And having the kids made the strangeness an adventure.

When we were ready to go, my husband told me, 'next year or when the kids can already eat them; we can tell the restaurant to cook for us from the menu that we had during our wedding.' Oh, isnt he just amazing?


Christianne said...

Awww that's such a sweet tradition, and having the girls with you makes it doubly sweet.

Christianne said...

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Diary of an Irish Woman said...

Happy Happy Anniversary ! Thats so beautiful to take the sweet girls with you and what a precious memory they will have. I remember my parents taking me with them to the theatre to see plays when I was 12 and still amazes me that they took me on one of the few dates they had alone as parents of 6 kids. Many many more years of blessings and happiness for you both. I identify with the stranger in a strange land. Being Irish in America is different too but met a lot of great people and the exposure to new cultures and new foods is wonderful. Have a brilliant day!

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary! Those are lovely roses. It's nice how you and your husband make it a point to make your anniversary a family celebration. That looks like a very nice place. I'm sure you had a fabulous time together. Wishing you many more promising years ahead.

raqgold said...

christianne, we love it that the girls are with us. sooner, they wouldnt want to join us in family gatherings :-) so we enjoy the time now! i'll check out multiply, thanks for the tip.

Sinead, thanks a lot. being a stranger in strange land have their advantages, too. arent we both lucky to enjoy them?

rach, thanks. that's our special family place. we are collecting memories there!

ScroochChronicles said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! What a wonderful tradition. And having the kids with you only makes it more special.

Hmmm...tequila gold pala. Inuman na!!