Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crying Over a Movie

I discovered MC crying over a movie yesterday.

Before that, I was sitting with her, asking her to tell me what the story's about and she said: 'Pippi would be leaving Villa Kunterbunt for good. She would be joining her father on a worldwide adventure at sea. Annika and Thomas are sad because Pippi is leaving.'

Then I had to leave her to attend to something. When I came back a few minutes after, I saw tears glistening on her eyes. When I asked her what's wrong, she suddenly burst to tears; complete with hiccups and heaving shoulders. I opened my arms and she wrapped her arms tightly around my waist. Moaning, 'mama, mama.' She was almost inconsolable with sadness and is also a bit embarrassed.

Then I tried to calm her by exploring the story, 'oh, you are crying because Pippi would be leaving Annika and Thomas?' She nodded. I told her that it is okay to cry when you are sad. I know Annika and Thomas are also sad that's why they cried when Pippi left them. Because they would miss her. Pippi is a good friend to both of them. But I am sure, everything would turn out okay.

I mentioned to her that I also cry when I am sad. That I also cry when I say goodbye, especially during visits to the Philippines. That I cant help but feel a little lonely when our visit is ending, and we must fly back to Germany. But after crying, I also feel better. Because I know, we would see them again.

Because in every goodbye, there is a hello! Like we say goodbye to our family in the Philippines, and then we say hello to our family in Germany.

It's a good thing that the film ended happily, too. After saying goodbye, Pippi changed her mind. She came back and said hello to the gleefully surprised Thomas and Annika.


exskindiver said...

hi raggold,
thanks for leaving me my ONE comment at the PMN e-zine. I feel like a wall flower tuloy.
just like in high school.
i like how you explained tears to your daughter. giving her the message that it is alright to express yourself is so very healthy.
all too often i think that the etymology of depression is the inability of people to express themselves.
but what would i know.

raqgold said...

hi cheska, you made me smile. you, a wall flower in high school? ako din, hehe! am sure they'll soon be discovering your great article.

raqgold said...

oops, sorry chesca, i spelled your name with a K.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raquel. Thanks for sharing this story. Children can remarkably show empathy at such a young age. My son also cries over sad moments in movies (even cartoons).

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, I forgot to mention that I tagged you on my blog (Blast in the Past). :)

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Pipi came back.
Good byes are always sad. There's always a lump on my throat and tears ready to fall when I leave the Philippines but I don't show it because everyone would start crying. It also distract me from everything else and airport personnel are just ready to pounce on any mistake for an opportunity to get a "tip". The last time they confiscated corals that my daughter picked up washed ashore in Boracay, they wanted my passport number- maybe they thought I'd get scared enough to bribe them so that they don't record my name. I dared them to ban me for a few corals! After that BS from airport personnel, I was just too happy to come back to the States.

Anyways, it's something to blog about huh? Sorry out of topic na. I'd rather be angry than tearful and vulnerable.

Christianne said...

Aww, MC is very compassionate ah, umiyak dahil naramdaman ang lungkot ng characters. Pippi loves her friends too much to leave them :)

Diary of an Irish Woman said...

its good for kids to be sad at a sad part of a movie. To feel connected to what is happening to someone else. I remember crying reading The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings when they go away at the end and still loving the book even more because of my tears. Thankfully the wee ones have such a great Mummy to give them a hug and hug for when they need it

Anonymous said...

Raq, that's a pretty young age to cry over a movie isn't it? What's the title of the film?

Look forward to working with you at PMN. I already have an article written, just completing the drawings. Next week, promise :)

ScroochChronicles said...

Kids really relate to the characters they watch on film. Ok na si Pippi Longstocking, at least tao siya. Yun mga anak ko, kala nila sila si Barney and Friends :)

raqgold said...

rach -- it's good that kids show their emotions di ba? am working on your tag.

KK -- i can emphatize :-) dami talagang hassle sa airport minsan e. blog about it.

christianne -- you are right about that. she's had few really close playmates who moved, kaya siguro ganun.

sinead -- you'll soon be giving hugs to a wee one!!! am sure you'll be a good mom!

geri -- hi. she's 5 years old and she was watching Pippi Longstockings. cant wait for your article and your drawings!! am sure i'll enjoy working with you. thanks.

schrooch -- with barney and friends?? kids talaga ano :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, MC is so adorable. I could imagine th "hikbi" scene. My girls, like MC and ME, LOL, also cry over sad movies.

I like the way you explained to her about goodbyes and hellos. Galing!

raqgold said...

chateau -- moms like us should always have 'baons' in case kids ask some difficult questions or made to face certain new experiences. but it is not easy, right? ako din, iyakin din, hehe!