Sunday, August 12, 2007

Comedy Acts at Home

Welcome to our home-made entertainment network, presenting:

In the kitchen with IC and MC:

IC: Mama, there's a fly.
MC: Go and get the fly swatter!
MC: Awaaaaaaah!
IC got the fly swatter and whacked with great fury, the fly was waiting for her right on her sister's nose!

IC: Awaaah. Mama, ate pinched me.
MC: No. No. Mama, that's not right. I didnt pinch her. I hit her.

At the breakfast table. IC enthusiastically ripped open the vitamin pack of her papa, and capsules and tablets scattered all over the floor. MC tried to help but the tablets and capsules just kept on slipping through her small hands, onto to the floor. Papa to the rescue. He successfully caught the tablets and capsules but they missed his mouth when he was getting ready to take them. Vitamins back to the floor. Like daughters, like papa!

Papa was watching Pippi Longstockings' DVD with the kids. Then came Pippi swinging while hanging on the living room lamp. Seeing this, he asked.
Papa: Is this the reason why you broke our living room lamp the last time? You saw this on DVD and tried it on our lamp, right?
MC: No, that is not true!
IC: Of course Papa, this is not true. We cannot ride on the lamp because we broke it already when we pulled it.
Oooops! hehe!

What's amazing is, all of these things happened in a day!


ScroochChronicles said...

Ang kulit!

Christianne said...

A day with your girls is never boring. Baka kaya ang kulit nila - idol nila si Pippi!

Our midwife recommended Pingu as a "cartoon" that's ok for toddlers Annika's age, because the images don't move as fast as, for example, Donald Duck cartoons. Pero I worry na gagayahin ni Annika ang kapilyuhan ni Pingu, hehe.

raqgold said...

scrooch - kulit talaga.

christianne - alam mo, you are right about that. my hubby was telling me he might have done wrong when he bought the Pippi DVD box for them. i'll check Pingu.