Friday, August 17, 2007

Mattel Products Recalled

I was sitting with my kids in front of the television at noon when this news appeared in front of us:

Fischer-Price Toys, Pixar Cars Sarge with Lead Paint Hazard Recalled; Other Mattel Products with Magnet Hazard Products Recalled.

The kids, for a change, were quiet. Maybe because they saw toys in front of them. But those are toys that should not be played with, according to the news. These are toys with lead paint hazard and with very small magnets that can be swallowed by children. These are toys that did not pass the quality inspection. I had to explain to the kids what the show was about -- that they are warning the people that those toys are not suitable for kids. That they are dangerous because of the strong paint smell and the small pieces that could be swallowed or inhaled.

MC immediately corrected me,' mama, we dont have small pieces from our Barbies. Remember, you always taken them away? You only give us the Barbies. '

Oh, yeah. Smart girl, I usually do that. I make sure that I separate the small stuffs first, before giving the toys to the kids. Explaining to them that these things are too small, and could be misplaced or lost easily. MC is aware of this, too. Although I sometimes I allow her to play with the small things, she gives them back to me afterwards. She doesnt want IC to play with them, knowing that her little sister is still too small for those things.

Plus, we have Polly Pocket toys (those given as gifts) that are still in their original packages. I always think they are too small for their small hands. I guess, my decision was right.

After watching the show, I marched the kids to their play corners. I gave them a big basket to throw in toys that have too strong paint smell; while I surfed the internet for the whole list of the recalled products and here are they:

Products with magnet products recalled includes:
And here is what Mattel is saying: because your children are our children, too.

You might want to check out this, too -- Mattel Consumer Relations.

It is good to be aware.


ScroochChronicles said...

Victim kami!! I found 2 toys (Elmo) in our toy chest that were on that list. And then I found out that the gifts I gave my nieces the week before were also on that list. Mga Dora toys. Hayy naku!!

Anonymous said...

The last time my girls played with Polly pockets was over 13 years ago and they were really tiny. Lately I saw the latest Polly Pockets and they are much larger the early days. Is your Polly Pocket like that?

raqgold said...

scrooch -- what do you plan to do? i think we dont have any of them. though i am telling the girls to throw away the toys that really stinks.

noemi -- wow, ibig sabihin they are bigger now. But Polly Pockets are still too small for the kids, i think.

Anonymous said...

The moment I saw this on the news, I checked on the list. My daughter loves Dora and so far I did not see anything she has that's from the list. I saw one child that had a lead poisoning during one of my rotations and it's really bad. Kawawang bata talaga coz it damaged her brain.

It's really disturbing, these companies are trying to save money and look ano ang nakuha nila?

Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel!
Whew, I went over the products on recall, and my kids don't own any of them.
BUT, these are the products which were found out. What about kaya the others that got past inspection? Nakaka praning.

raqgold said...

momoftwo -- ow, sad story naman yan! kasi sabi sa news dito mga three cases lang daw ang confirmed e. am sure madami pa yan. we should really of what we buy for our kids ano?

chateau -- you are right, kakapraning talaga.

Anonymous said...

Question is, what do we do with the toys belonging to the list? We can't give them away to others. These can be dangerous too if thrown. Did they give details on how to dispose of these toys? Hmmm...

Btw, I think the head of the company that made those toys committed suicide. Not sure though.

raqgold said...

julie -- here, you're supposed to give it back to the stores. you are right, coz you cant simply throw those toys nga. yes, the big boss in China committed suicide coz of the brouhaha.