Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blast from the Past

Rach of Heart of Rachel tagged me for this decision-filled Blast from the Past. It was fun to read through my older blogs. I hope you enjoy reading through my choices, too.

1. Seeing Myself (Sept 18, 2006) Nudged by a friend, I started blogging via Friendster in September 2006. The few words I published looked good to me. And it felt good, too. Then the next day, I ended with this blog. Blogging became an outlet, a theraphy.

Here was the blog: Seeing Myself

I saw myself last night and I didn't like it at all. It started innocently. While bathing my daughter MC, she asked me not to rub off the glitters on her cheeks. I said yes. But as she was washing her hair with much enthusiasm, she rubbed away all the glitters herself. The end was not good. Because when she looked in the mirror and saw her face without glitters, she flipped out! An explosion of words. Blaming me. She was really angry. And too tired to control her emotions. And me? I was surprisingly calm, despite being tired. But this time, am not using exhaustion as an excuse to scream back, to lay down rules, to threaten. I just simply said sorry. And that I love her. Why? Because I saw myself in her.

2. The Birds and the Bees (Dec 20, 2006) Then my two girls started asking loaded questions. I wanted to keep the words. It would be fun to look back. Thus, I blogged about them.

3. Hand, Mama (May, 26, 2007) To my delight, I discovered Pinoy Moms Network and this blog was the first one I posted.

4. On Breastfeeding (May 31, 2007) I wrote this because I strongly believe in breastfeeding.

5. For Preggies and Breastfeeding Moms (June 1, 2007) And because I believe, I furiously created another round of post about it.

6. Oma and Opa (May 31, 2007) I realized we can immortalize our loved ones by blogging about them.

7. Our Koi Pond: Safety First (July 11, 2007) PMN introduced it's new concept and this is my first published article under the Home and Garden section, edited by Noemi.

8. Two Love Stories (June 17, 2007) I can fall in love over and over again with these two love stories.

Blast From the Past Rules

Please try to limit your list to 10 posts or less. Take your time. Do some digging in your archives to find the perfect ones - it’s to your advantage more than anything else. Please link to where this meme first started. Also link to this post - at the blog where you were tagged. Tag 5 folks. Let them know by email, contact form or some other efficient method.

I am tagging Sinead of Diary of an Irish Woman; Rowena of My Sweet Life; and Auee of Kwentong Walang Kwenta.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raquel. Thanks for sharing these memories. I couldn't access your friendster blog so I just read the others.

I wonder how I will answer my son if he becomes interested in the birds and the bees. He watched the movie Dumbo and for a while he thought baby animals were delivered by storks. :)

Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing and it's good that you promote it.

I read about your in-laws and they seem like a sweet couple. It was nice reading about their love story too.

Wenchie said...

Hi Racquel, thanks for the tag but I only started blogging last May. Nevertheless, I'm gonna choose from my few posts, he he. Btw, I like your post too on breastfeeding.

Diary of an Irish Woman said...

Thanks a million for the tag. I'll have to post my fav posts later as c-section is tomorrow Monday morning ... gulp..

raqgold said...

hi rach -- the friendster blog was a short one so i added it to my post na lang. share how you answer johan when he ask about the birds and the bees, ha!

rowena -- go for it. cant wait to read it.

sinead -- good luck! tell us the good news!