Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Birds and the Bees

Michaela, a few days before her fifth birthday, asked me the the most interestingly tickling question.

Mama, how are babies made?

Nope, it didn't caught me in surprise me as a few weeks before, I was reading a lot of books esp. Chicken Soup books that tackle the same subject, the surprising answers and the shocked silences of parents caught unaware. But still, I didn't know how to formulate the right words to give her a satisying answer.

We were lying in bed with her two year old sister when the question came up. So I told her that when Mama and Papa love each other, then they also want to have a baby to share their love. So that they in turn would love each other so much, and then the Mama would get pregnant.

Nope, she didn't accept it as that. Because she protested and said, 'Oh, but they need to get married first!' Where she got this idea, I don't really know. Of course, I told her, she's right. I didn't try to explain that that is not always the case. Case in point is her Mama. But she doesn't question this as all over the house are our wedding photos, with me, very pregnant. Wedding and pregnancy at the same time is ok for her. At least at this time, I have time to prepare for the other questions later!

And another question which really caught me, 'Mama, where did I come from? From the stomache or from down there?' So I have to ask her back, where are you getting these things from? Of course, in kindergarten, from her playmates there.

Ah ok. Then it is a simple question, with a simple answer. Those Mamas that underwent caesarian surgery mean the babies came from the stomache, and those that had normal birth, then their babies came from down there. Oh please, I begged in silence, no more questions.

Then came a plea from our two year old, Isabela. 'But Mommy, I want a little boy.' Huh, a little boy? I told she must ask her Papa. So she scrambled from bed and shouted to her Papa - 'Papa, I want a little boy.'

And the Papa, after a surprised little pause, shouted back, 'Ok, Papa will buy you a little boy tomorrow.' And Michaela, who wouldn't want to be outdone wanted one, too. But a real one, she emphasized. Oops, it's time to go to bed girls!!!

Or else no real baby boys coming... :-)


auee said...

nice one... grabe the things they come up with.

My niece told her mum one time that she'd like to marry Kelvin one day. My sister explained they can't because they're cousins hehe

raqgold said...

auee - they do tell stories :D