Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Want to Be..

Early December 2006, a conversation between me and my daughter, Michaela.

Michaela: Mama, when I grow up, i just want to ride horses.

Are you sure you want that? It would involve a lot of things, not only riding.

Michaela: I know I need to clean them and feed them and groom them. Or a nurse. I think I would love to be a nurse. So I can hold the hands of kids who must give blood to be tested.

Are you sure?

Michaela: Yes. And I would also love to be, hhmmm. Could I be both?

If you want to be. But what is important is that you would love what you do because then you can do it better.

Michaela: Ok.

And now, we must wait and see as she is just turned five. Plus the fact that though she loves to ride horses, she's still a bit afraid of them. And she hates the smell of horse stalls. As for being a nurse, that was led, I believe; from her almost daily visits to the hospital last December. A daily visit that always includes blood tests.

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