Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chasing Hot Air Balloons

Driving home last weekend, the papa pointed up to the kids, 'look, a hot air balloon.' IC, who's been so crazy about riding on a hot air balloon because of it's association with her beloved hero, Pippi, began to sizzle like a steak on her sit.

IC cant stop moving, craning her neck left and right; she even tried to roll down the car window with her feet!!! And finally she said: 'Papa, let's try to catch the hot air balloon!'

My husband didnt say anthing, but since he's the one driving, it didnt surprise me that we took off on a whim -- we speed off to catch the hot air balloon! Yes, we did. The kids were cheering so loudly I cant help but laugh.

We drove into the meadows, though wide fields and through the rough patches of farm lands. The kids navigated their papa with glee. When we all saw the hot air balloon going down; we stopped in a clearing to observe the direction. But we had to run into the car hoping to catch it before it disappeared from our view. Although my husband is familiar with the terrains, we lost the hot air balloon. The kids were not disappointed though, the chase was exciting enough. Plus, we saw stalls of cows and horses, plus a storck nest with two storks on it! A quick visit in the countryside.

Anyway, the chase was not finished. When we turned around, another hot air balloon greeted us from the horizon.

Giggling, the kids hopped hurriedly into the car, knowing we would be doing another round of 'chase the hot air balloon'. We drove through meadows and bridges; we even parked right under this second one, but we didnt catch them. The kids had fun calling out though; yelling hello's and waving wildly. And driving home, they cant catch their breath re-telling the story in between their giggles.

It is this kind of adventure that builds memories. As MC said: 'Thank you for a very nice day.'


Anonymous said...

hey rac,

just to let you know i dropped by. you have two beautiful daughters.


Christianne said...

That does sound like a wonderful day! Your girls are lucky na kunsintidor ang tatay nila, hehe.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos! your daughters are adorable ang gaganda and very sweet!

Wenchie said...

Hi Racquel, glad to see their new pics. Very adorable kids indeed. Next time, ride na kayo in the hot air balloon. They'll have a blast for sure.

ScroochChronicles said...

You have such pretty daughters. Sana, makavisit kayo dito ng January. There is an annual Hot-Air Balloon festival every January in Clarkfield. I'm sure your girls will enjoy :)

raqgold said...

janet - thanks for dropping by!

christianne -- daddy's little girls talaga e.

mom -- thanks, they have their sweet days :-)

rowena -- a 45 mins ride costs a fortune, arrgh! IC was telling me papa should buy her one and papa was saying one hot air balloon would already buy a new house. and what did IC said? that she can sleep good inside the hot air balloon, hehe!

cookie -- thanks for the tip, baka next time.

Anonymous said...

The ride costing a fortune is true. In the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Clark, the family of a very rich student only managed to have their mom go for he ride because it was expensive nga. Ahhh..must have been an exhilarating ride since your hubby used to be a race car driver. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I love the photos especially the 2nd one. You know, I've always dreamed of riding a hot air balloon although I confess I have fear of heights. haha!

Anonymous said...

raq - maybe i'm a certified techno-bobo na talaga. i tried registering to the group you were recommending... i ended up confused :( and not being able to join. sorry. you must be giving up on me na talaga.