Friday, August 24, 2007

What to do with recalled toys?

Although we were not victims of the toy recalls from Mattel, we never stopped digging deep in the kids' toy chests; and we discovered loads of toys that really stinks with paint and very small toys that were already loose or have fallen out. We gathered those toys in plastic bags and my husband proceeded to mash them into pieces, using his fists, his feet and the hammer when necessary. The kids didnt protest, we've already explained to them the danger of those toys. They even cheered the papa during the 'destruction period.'

I also googled about toy recalls and I found the's Toy Recalls: 7 things you can do to keep your child safe.

To summarize:
1. Check the product number.
2. Take away recalled toys immediately.
3. Throw out any broken or worn-out magnetic toys.
4. Buy toys that are locally made.
5. Look around for other lead hazards.
6. Get your child tested for lead exposure.
7. Keep abreast of future recalls.

A note on no. 4, since is US-based, you would have to use your discretion on what products to buy.


Anonymous said...

Raq, on the seeming nth week of recalling toys, it just became too much to me that I couldn't help but be furious at the american companies and government for not doing more to prevent these toys from getting in the hands of the children in the first place. Furious at the chinese businessmen for their greed and ignorance. We don't have those toys (that I know of), but how do we really know that what we have is the complete list. I will also blog about this and will link your page.

raqgold said...

hi geri - go for it. it's simply greed.though we dont have the toys from the lists; we took time to really check the toys, all those with very small parts and those real stinky ones were destroyed. and we are not yet finished, hay.

tintin said...

Too many of these going on. I mean, should we start carving our own toys now just to be safe? Hmmp!

Anonymous said...

We go through our kids toy chest every couple of months or so to eliminate the problem toys. Anything recalled, violent war type toys or just plain loud/annoying toys are confiscated. We just toss them in the trash barrel in the backyard for burning so they don't get "rescued." Also, any toys left on the floor after one warning are destroyed immediately under my hubbie's cowboy boots. There are some tears but at least our toy chest is under control and the kids keep their rooms clean.