Friday, August 3, 2007

PMN Corner: Most Loved Pinoy Desserts

On Pinoy Moms Network, you can read a Filipina mom's piece about the Most Loved Pinoy Desserts. It was while I was craving for the real taste of the Filipino food that made me create this article. Why it focused on the sweets I will tell you: It is not easy to re-create the Pinoy desserts especially if you dont have the right ingredients. Come drool with me :-)


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! Looking forward to reading your latest article. Just dropped by to let you know that I haven't been online for several days 'coz I've been a little busy. I will catch up with your new posts within the week. BTW, I'm almost finished with the tag.

Happy weekend!

raqgold said...

hi rach, cant wait to read your blog, happy weekend, too!