Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday Madness: Getting Organized

It's Monday Madness again!
1. What ONE thing would you like to accomplish before the end of the day?
I want to make sure that my diary entry is done.

2. What one goal would you like to attain before the end of the month?
To re- start the regular exercise rhythm that I was strictly following during winter; which I was too lazy to continue doing this summer.

3. Are you a "to-do list" writer? If so, do you stick to your list and cross things off as you complete them?
Sometimes I have a 'to-do list'; sometimes I dont. When I do have them, that would mean I am already drowning with my chores. Ticking them off one by one, as I work on them, would be a reward each.

4. In general, how organized do you feel you are?
I feel that I am better organized now, than before. I am gauging it on the scale of the paperworks on my desk. My inbox is amazingly almost empty, yipeee! Okay, dont ask me what's in my shelves and drawers :-)

5. How many piles of papers/junk mail/etc. do you have laying around your house?
I have them in the folders in our file cabinets, in the sideboard drawers, in the old baggages and bags, in the hundred of boxes inside the storeroom, in between my 'to read magazines and books,' laying around in the bathroom, pretending to be reading materials in the newspaper holder, etc. But the new ones, like those from the last two years, I have already purged. Now, how do you purge the last 15 years of your life, huh?

6. Which ONE surface in your home do you have trouble keeping clean?
The terrace door especially during summer time; well, the kids use the terrace area to paint -- and then they use their hands to push/pull the door open and close, need I say more?


Heart of Rachel said...

Good luck with your exercise regiment. Hope you can attain that goal.

Yes, it feels rewarding everytime you tick something on your to-do list.

raqgold said...

hi rach -- i need to focus, thanks for the encouragement!