Monday, August 27, 2007

Kids Know Better

The fact is, our kids really know better.

MC: Mama, do you know that Anna borrowed our net and she didnt bring it back? That's not good. Because when you borrowed something, then you must bring it back.

On a train ride, I kept on asking her to show me where the alleged witch house is:
MC: Mama, you must wait. You kept on telling us to learn to be patient. Then you must learn how be patient, too.

Seeing IC dragging all the toys from one room to another, opening drawers and pulling toy chests everywhere:
MC: IC, you know, there is no most space here. You should know that when you want to have a space when playing, you must only select a few things first. Do not bring all the toys all at once.

Seeing her playmate holding a glass of water and seemingy headed into her room:
IC: Hey Francesca, please dont bring that glass of water in my room. I dont want my room wet.

Seeing MC jumping wildly on her bed:
IC: Please go down. I dont want my bed to be broken. Mama and papa said they wont buy me a new one.


Knock said...


I like these story, so funny.

Anonymous said...

from the mouth of babes

we don' realize it but most of what we say--they absorb, so we really have to be careful

raqgold said...

hi k. benjie -- am glad you enjoyed it!

sexymom -- you are absolutely right!