Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gloriously Glossy

Here's my entry to the PMN's Fam Pics: MC showing off her newly acquired pink hair pins and her gloriously glossy bunched hair. The pins didnt get a chance, they slipped after a few minutes; irritating my little daughter to tears.

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ScroochChronicles said...

I love the color of her hair!! It's so rich...pang-Rejoice :)

Analyse said...

those pins slip all the time nga... i don't buy such pins anymore, kainis e hehe.

raqgold said...

cookie -- it would really be pang Rejoice if she'd comb it regularly, haha! she hates combing her hair.

analyse -- my kids' hair are not so thick, kaya lalong mahirap with those pins.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel!
My daughters don't like combing their hair too. That's what I find myself telling them: mas maganda sana hair nyo if you COMBED, duh.
Your daughter's hair color is lovely.

Anonymous said...

oo nga, ang ganda ng hair nya. ang ganda ng likod niya. ang ganda niya ng shoulders niya. bata pa lang at nakatalikod pero alam nang pretty lady paglaki. :)

Anonymous said...

The pins are so cute. And you are right, they dont stay on for a long time. Just try sa bangs na lang.

Nice glossy pins and glossy hair too.

Anonymous said...

awww. i feel her sentiments. i have a hard time keeping those clips on my daughter's hair too.

feng said...

hay, that's the plus for having girls, mothers can enjoy growing their hair, putting pins and headbands on. hay, nakakainggit. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

MC has beautiful hair. I love the color and the way her hair is put up. Nice pink hair clips to accent it.

Thanks for visiting mine.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter has glossy hair too! Shiny. Love her curls.

Anonymous said...

the glossiness of the hair makes the clip slip easily. She has lovely shiny hair .