Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two Love Stories

I was really surprised to know that my husband doesnt know the love story of his parents. More surprising is that, I know about my in laws' love story.

I told him the story which I am also sharing now.

Actually, I just learned about my in laws' love story this year -- while helping my mom in law to wash the dishes after a heavy lunch at their house. My father in law was with the kids, so we lingered on the sink - with spuds and water to our elbows. I cant remember how we ended up talking about their love story but all at once, she was giggling like a teen ager (she's now in her mid 80s) and her face simply lit up as she shared:

My mom in law's story:

'Oh, I was with some friends attending a local dance. Suddenly, I saw a man across the dance floor and told my girl friend who was closest to me that I'll have that man for me. I approached him and talked to him and never let him go.'

I could melt for the simpleness and directness of their love story. They have been together for 58 years now. Who says guys should always make the first move?

As for my nanay and tatay, I dont really know the details - I need to ask them about their love story, too. Soon!

But I am sure I caught a glimpse of their love story through an old photo I found when I was in my teens. The sepia photo shows my mother in front of her sewing machine. She is sorrounded by more sewing machines. I rightly deduced that it was taken at my father's first tailor shop. He's retired now.

I turned the photo around and saw my father's handwriting and the following message (which I would try to recall word for word, after all, that was more than 20 years ago!) --

Dear Nelly,

Here's for sharing together our tears and laughters.


I know there's at least two sentences in the message, but I'll have to find the photo again to make sure. I hope it's still in the house!

Anyway, I surmissed that my mother used to work for my father. He's a mastercutter and have a tailor shop. Could be that he hired her, they worked together, and found love together.

They have been married for 38 years. Love at the workplace. Why not? It works!

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