Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sweet and Funny

This has been tickling my husband's funny bones ever since. He urged me actually to share this. So here is a story that is both sweet and funny :-)

Our opa, afraid that both kids would get hungry during our long flight to Manila last year, decided to take matters in his hands. He woke up real early to buy something for the kids and drove straight to us, presenting his gift proudly.

We were still busily stacking our large luggages into the car's compartment when he arrived. He came and went, just enough time to leave his package. We took turns hugging him goodbye and thanking him. Never knowing what was in the package.

When we were on our way to the airport, my husband suddenly remembered the package. It was when he noticed how it felt so soft in his hands that he peeked inside. And then he laughed, shaking his head with wonder.

The kids started yelling, 'what, what, papa.' I also had to ask him to take a deep breath and share. Still ticklish with laughter he said, 'opa had given us a bunch of fresh German wursts to bring in the airplane.' That got me into laughter, even my bro in law who's driving us to the airport.

The kids simply wanted to have their wursts and bite on them. It's a nice, sweet thought -- only, it is verboten to bring fresh meat inside the plane. My bro in law had to bring home the package. We didnt tell the opa, of course. (Unless, if he would be reading this blog, oops)


ScroochChronicles said...

Well at least he had the best intentions. Reminds me of the time my Lola insisted we take bibinka and daing na bangus on a flight to New York :)

raqgold said...

alam mo, kung yang daing na bangus at bibingka, i might try to sneak them in, haha! love ko yan eh.