Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My 'not so' Healthy Breakfast

I just cant resist it. I have been longing for leche flan since time immemorial. Ok, I am exaggerating. But it feels like that.

So when I saw on a brochure of one grocery store around our area that they have this leche flan type gelatino as a special limited offer for this week, I grabbed my bag and run. Oh well, I am letting my calorie bombed tongue take over the words, so bear with me.

I hoarded at least four boxes (each box contains two packs). Only four packs, you may ask? That's because, the expiration date is good only 'for one week'. A shame, right?

Anyway, so that I can go back quickly for more, I readily gulped down one pack for breakfast. But so as not to feel so guilty about not having eaten a proper one, I've added some fresh fruits - strawberries, red currants and cherries on the side. Voila!

Oh well, I actually ate two in one sitting. But who's counting?

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